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Why install a pellet boiler?

Advantages of Wood Pellet Boilers

Wood Pellet boilers offer a convenient alternative to fossil fuels, they are highly efficient, have low emissions and require very little maintenance. They only real difference in operation compared to the normal oil or gas boiler is that you will need to fill the hopper with pellets (dependant on the amount of fuel used but can be as little as once a week in the winter months and less in the warmer weather)

Wood Pellet Boiler Installers

A pellet boiler can usually be connected to your existing central heating pipe work with very little extra work. We are able to recommend reputable experienced installers.

Also available are pellet stoves which rather than running a full central heating system are a stand alone room heater.


Environmental advantages of wood pellet boilers

Wood pellets are a renewable natural product. They are easy to store and clean and easy to handle.

Pellets are generally made from the waste products from the manufacture of another product.

Wood Pellet Boiler Grants

The government is committed to increasing the use of renewable energy and the Renewable Heat Incentive has been set up to provide Feed in tariffs for those using certain systems, pellet boilers comply with the criteria required.

Although no definite figures have been set in stone it has been suggested that those using solid fuel biomass (inc pellet boilers) will be paid 9p /Kwh for 15 years.


For further information please see the Department of Energy and Climate change website


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