Buy Wood Pellets
  We stock Balcas wood pellets which are well known
for their quality, they are supplied in 10kg bags.
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We supply Briquettes - a clean and economical alternative
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Mill Hill Eco Fuels

Mill Hill Eco Fuels specialise in the supply of wood pellets, briquettes and kindling. We are a family run business that is based on our farm in rural Suffolk. We are committed to making environmentally friendly fuels affordable and accessible for all. Mill Hill Eco Fuels are BSL authorised.


We achieve this with competitive prices, fabulous customer service and flexible delivery times (no need to wait in all day). Our delivery driver will unload your order and happily assist in moving it to your storage area.


Alternatively you are welcome to call and arrange a time to collect. We will then ensure that someone is on hand to load your vehicle.


If you would like to place an order or would like to find out further information about this form of heating please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to offer advice.

About Wood Pellet Boilers
The Advantage of
Wood Pellets Boilers
Alternative to fossil fuels, highly efficient, low emissions, little maintenance read more >>>
The Advantage of  Wood Pellets Boilers
Wood Pellet
Boiler Grants
How can you take advantage of new Government grants to help install a pellet boiler? read more >>>
The Environmental
Wood pellets are natural and great source of renewable energy. read more >>>
Wood Pellet Environmental Advantages
Wood Pellet
Boiler Installers
Our helpful list of Wood
Pellet installers read more >>>
Pood Pellet Installer
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