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We stock Balcas wood pellets which are well known for their quality, they are supplied in 10kg bags.


Pellets are very clean and can be easily handled without mess. They burn evenly and efficiently giving a constant heat.
Wood pellets are made only from natural ingredients and are carbon neutral.


1 tonne of pellets is the equivelent to 500 litres of oil making them a real and viable alternative to other forms of heating.

The amount of ash produced is very small and makes an excellent garden fertilizer!

The pellets are 6mm and conform to European standard CEN/TS 14961


Pellet Specifications
Calorific value 48kWh / 10kg bag
Mechanical durability > 97.5%
Ash >0.7%


We are able to supply pellets in quantities to suit your needs from 1 bag upwards.


To order wood pellets
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Mill Hill Eco Fuels work closely with a number of wood pellet installers. Click here for a list of recommended wood pellet installers >>>

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